The Disconnect Between Conservatives and Liberals

by Dex

When golfing with some friends recently I had moment of sharp clarity. Once I explain my eureka moment , I am pretty sure you will agree.

But first, a little about my group. This particular day there were two conservatives, myself and another gentleman, and two liberals. As we were preparing to tee off on hole #3, my fellow conservative and I were discussing this stupid and arbitrary mask mandate in California and how this particular golf course wanted players to wear a mask throughout the entire round, rather than the clubhouse, because of our dictatorial governor’s “safer at home” diktats.

We also noted how everything in this whole Wuhan Virus “crisis”, from the lockdowns and mask mandates reek of communism. We both noted the silence from the other two in our group and that was when discernment opened my eyes to a crucial difference between conservatives and liberals.

Do you ever notice that liberals never speak of communism? Every conservative I know compares the lockdowns with tactics used in communist countries. But I have yet to hear a similar observation from any liberals I associate with at work or in this case,the golf course.

I have noted past conversations with liberals, before this whole virus nightmare began, that the subject of communism was always greeted with a look of puzzlement like “you’re one of those conspiracy nuts” and a dismissive tone. If my left leaning golf buddies are any indication, that cognative dissonance has not changed.

Liberals seem to have no problems state and local governments weaponizing the virus to marginalize the Christian church,restrict freedom of association , and most importantly, restrict freedom of speech. These assaults on basic constitutions rights are communist tactics. But our liberal countrymen don’t appear to see it that way.

They see these usurpations of freedom as simply political leaders doing all they can to keep us safe. In the early days of the virus, I could understand the temporary restrictions because of the newness of the outbreak and the not knowing. But we know more about the virus now and how to treat it. What conservatives question is the destruction of livelihoods, keeping kids (who have the lowest chance of contracting the virus) out of school and keeping churches from gathering (while giving a pass to protestors and rioters) as the means from stopping the spread.

Meanwhile, liberals disparage conservatives for daring to put freedom above safety. Instead of considering conservatives’ warnings of government totalitariansm they would rather rat them out for not wearing a facemask. I find it ironic that our liberal friends fail to see the irony that snitching on fellow neighbors is also emblematic of communist countries.

Liberals do not speak of communism because it is not reported in the news which is gospel to them. All we can do as patriotic Americans is to continue to sound the alarm and hope they get it before a boot on their face makes it frighteningly clear.

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