Be encouraged

When viewing the current state of America, with widespread political corruption, crime-ridden big cities and gender madness, discouragement is an easy default. But be encouraged: as Christians, God is working everything to our greater good (Romans 8:28).

What is our greater good? Our faith. For without faith it is impossible to please God.

Yes, things really suck in America, spiritually. WE are experiencing, in real time that when a country turns from God , it turns to doctrines of demons.

Satan is in literally in the White House, influencing the president. One of President Joe Biden’s highest paid staffers is a satanist.

We’re talking paganism here folks. This whole “your truth ” vs “my truth” arises from people thinking they are all knowing. Idolatry causes this state, whether they are worshipping a false god , a deceiving spirit ,or themselves.

Other proof of America’s regression to paganism include, tribalism, occult practices, sex trafficking of women and children and abortion. yes, I said abortion.

Have you ever wondered why pro-choice activists rabidly protect this barbaric practice? Sixty million babies…60 million, aborted since 1973 is an afterthought to these people. I believe this is because abortion is a form of child sacrifice , and other Americans are coming to this conclusion.

Artist depiction of the pagan god, Molech

Just observe the religious zeal in their eyes and the personal attacks when you challenge their protection of abortion. This goes way beyond protecting a woman’s right to choose and has everything to do with placating Molech.

Now am I saying every pro-choicer knows they are participating in a grand form of child sacrifice? No. The street level activist believes they are fighting for a righteous cause, a civil right. It’s the upper echelons that know the plan and defend the practice. They craft the propaganda that seduces the undiscerning into willing foot soldiers.

Like I said, it’s demonic. And so is the embrace of this gender chaos. What has the country come to when a child cannot vote or join the military until he or she is 18, cannot legally purchase alcohol until the age of 21, yet can make make decisions about their gender before adolescence?

Our country is descending into spiritual madness courtesy of the secularist/Marxist pawns of the principalities of darkness .

So why do I say be encouraged? Because, amid the darkness, we as Christians have a tremendous opportunity to be light. We’re light because we reflect Jesus and the brightness of our light is commensurate to our faith.

There’s that word , faith, again. Let’s discuss why if you have it, there is no need for fear or worry .

Faith is like exercising a muscle: the more you work the muscle the bigger or more defined it becomes. You can sit around and visualize yourself as muscular all you want, but until you pick up that weight or complete those pushups, you’re still that out- of -shape guy or gal.

The same goes for faith. It must be practiced.

Prayer and Bible study are part of exercising faith. If you are doing these things consistently your faith will have a solid foundation. We build our faith from this point by obedience.

Obedience means a willingness to go where God leads you even if you do not see the outcome. This is where faith comes in, a belief in things unseen as if they were.

When we walk in faith, God walks with us in our circumstances. In other words, in our successes and failures. God promises never to leave us or forsake us. We can be glad that God is doing a work in us, perfecting us. That work won’t stop until we are in with the Lord in heaven.

When we are obedient to bring the Gospel to a fallen world , or in Americans’ case, a fallen nation. Be encouraged because nothing can stop the mission.

Historically, persecution and martyrdom never stopped God’s Word. If anything, these obstacles instituted the opposite effect, causing the Gospel to flourish.

In this hour of darkness is the American Christians’ opportunity to shine brightly. God has appointed you and me for this hour.

Yes, the times appear bleak and hopeless. But take heart, when the odds appear against the church is when God does His greatest work. We only stifle His glory when we hesitate in fear.

So welcome the persecution, and remember that your life is not your own, but was ransomed by the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. Remember also that you can do all things in the name of Jesus. His name is above all others and the day will come when all will bow before Him.

I believe God is revealing the level of evil we are living under for a purpose: to show us only God can fight this battle . We are perfected when we allow Him to move through us.

Be encouraged.