Horrific earthquakes strike Turkey

by Dex

Prayers for the Turkish people who are still suffering the aftershocks of a devastating 7.8 earthquake that has killed nearly 5000 people and caused the destruction of thousands of buildings.

The quake struck major population centers. The Guardian reports, “the population of the ten provinces in southern Turkey affected by the earthquakes are home to 13.5 million people. So far, according to the Andalou agency, more than 5,600 buildings have collapsed.

Structures are literally collapsing into rubble which each aftershock as people have seemingly have nowhere to hide in the middle of winter. The World Health Organization is predicting a death toll of up to 20 thousand people.

Here is footage of a child being rescued 24 hours after the devastation:

A news crew was live when the second 7.5 quake hit:

Historic earthquake damages historic castle:

If you haven’t done so please pray for the those affected by this devastation. Pray for the survivors, rescue workers and those organizations bringing aid and relief such as Samaritan’s Purse.