No longer accepting the left’s crises

by Dex

Every day seems to bring with it a breathless warning of doom by politicians that is eagerly reported by the media. Frankly, I am at the point that whenever governments on any level say we have some existential crisis my red flag goes up. 

For one thing, why are all these crises invisible? We can see and read about rampant crime every day in the news. Why is this not a crisis? Since President Joe Biden took office we have witnessed hordes of illegal aliens storming our borders.  Why is this not a crisis?  How about black on black crime in cities like Chicago where holiday weekends become times of fear and mourning. Why is this not a crisis?

Biden ignores suffering people in East Palestine, Ohio a very real crisis, to make a “surprise” visit to Ukraine. This to bring support to that crisis, a war which has featured a surprising lack of news footage.

What are the crises of the day of the all-knowing, all-caring, all-feeling left? The First and Second Amendment, gas powered vehicles and stoves, the striking down of Roe V. Wade, and anyone questioning the 2020 Presidential Election results. 

The left and the deep state has made it their crusade to deal with the crisis of domestic terrorists. YOU know, anyone not affiliated with Black Lives Matter, or Antifa. 

So, who are the domestic terrorists?  Any patriotic American exercising their constitutional right of free speech to protest Critical Race Theory, gender pronouns, transgenderism and wokeism. Such scoundrels pose an even greater danger to democracy if they are white males. 

No rational American is supposed to point out that these political movements wage terrorism on the American way of life. The Maoists behind these movements know the sinister intent, but the “deplorables”  are not supposed to say so.

Every day our minds are afflicted by an authoritarian deep state, compromised politicians, Maoist educators, propagandists masquerading as journalists, and satanic big pharma. Affliction means a persistent state of pain and distress, but it’s only effective if you are unable to articulate what is happening to you. 

Step back and take a breath. Objectively examine the latest crises: attacks on food processing plants, the infernos at chicken processing plants, Chinese spy balloons, environmentally destructive train derailments, the restriction of  nitrogen-based fertilizers, and put everything together.  Now think about cashless bail, open borders, censorship, and judges who refuse to allow questions of election fraud and theft to even be considered as evidence.

It has become plainly evident that the enemies of the state are not criminals who steal, rape and kill. No, the barbarians are we, the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who want nothing more than to live in peace under the rule of law. 

Global governments seem to be united in their effort to reduce food abundance and cheap energy.  They want to rob us of our peace by keeping us in a constant state of fear and anxiety. You can liken it to a spiritual siege.  Instead of trebuchets bombarding physical walls, we are treated daily to trebuchets of propaganda bombarding our minds.  We are being led to believe that we are defeated and that it’s inevitable that we will kneel before our masters.

The truth is we are the majority and that they fear the people. We have God on our side; therefore, we have truth.  They are on the side of Satan with lies as their weapons. Why do think they spend so much time dividing us?  Why do they expend so much energy censoring us and demonizing us?

We will win this war only by standing in truth.  The key word is “stand.”  We don’t have to be forceful, obnoxious or charismatic. All we must do is stand firm, resilient and unmoving in the truth.

The truth I am talking about comes only, plainly and succinctly from God. It does not have to be justified; it simply is. 

In Christ we do not play by the rules of evil, we stand in righteousness without fear and without doubt.  May we from this moment forward dedicate ourselves to no longer falling prey to the lies and machinations of our enemies. 

If even a small number of patriots stand in God and resist, our enemies are thwarted.  For the truth decimates their plans which is why they devote so much effort to calling the truth disinformation or misinformation

Think about this the next time you hear those terms vomited by the mainstream media.  When they do their best mynah bird recitation of “misinformation” or “disinformation”, what they are telling you is that they do not want the truth out for the consideration of the people.

This is the real crisis they fear: most people waking up.  May we, who get what’s going on, be persistent in perpetuating this crisis for the enemies of this country and the world. To quote President Andrew Jackson, “But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing.”

Instead of our enemies cancelling us, may we cancel them spiritually, mentally and philosophically by ignoring what they tell us is a crisis.  The only calamity is believing what they say.