Tucker Carlson discusses Israeli war with Col. Douglas Macgregor

If you’re not praying for Israel and the Middle East , now’s the time to start. In Tucker Carlson’s latest interview, he discusses the Israeli war with Col. Douglas Macgregor and the potential consequences of conflict with Iran.

You have to wonder what’s behind the irresponsible rhetoric of warhawks like Senator Lindsey Graham and Presidential candidates Nikki Haley and Mike Pence? Are they truly ignorant of the potential of this limited war escalating into a global conflict ?

Pray for cooler heads to trump the emotionally charged threats and the efforts of those who wish to exploit this situation for nefarious gain. Pray for the prominence of wise leaders.

In the meantime, do not let emotions get the better of you. Take your own fears and concerns to the LORD in prayer. It may not seem like it, but He is at work amid Israel’s war against Hamas and amid the rumors of other wars. Do not fear and be anxious for nothing.


PM Benjamin Netanyahu outlines the enemy in national address

In bold unflinching terms, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that “Hamas is Isis” as he outlined the barbaric enemy Israel faces.

Netanyahu’s brief national address came in at just under two minutes, more than enough time to warn Israel’s enemies “they’ve made a mistake of historic portions.” Watch:

At least 900 people have died and over 2500 people injured during Saturday’s surprise attack by Hamas. Of that number, the terrorists killed 11 Americans, according to the latest published reports. 100 civilians( including women and children) and military personnel were taken hostage, according to Israeli officials.

As of this writing, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has hit over over 1700 targets in Gaza since Saturday. This includes 475 rocket systems, 73 command centers, 23 strategic infrastructure sites and 22 underground targets.

The attack occurred during the 50th Anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Please continue to pray for God’s protection over Israel and for a thorough defeat of her enemies.