WTH is the WEF?

You ever get a spiritual check?

In case you don’t know what I am referring to, a spiritual check is that thought, that feeling that immediately hits you when you come in contact with or read about something that is evil. That something is anti-God, anti-Christ and anti-life.

That spiritual check hit me in the last two years about the World Economic Forum (WEF). What is the WEF?

Well, they’re a group of ultra-rich elites, radical environmentalists and western government representatives who, since 1971, have been gathering each year in Davos, Switzerland to discuss global issues. This, under the auspices of saving the world.

Let’s emphasize “world” over mankind when it comes to the WEF. By the way, if you haven’t done so, click the above link and go to the WEF logo. Is it just me or does the half circle piercing the three “o’s” look like 666?

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a prominent member of the WEF which is lead by a bald and bespectacled Klaus Schwab. This guy looks straight out of central casting as a James Bond villain. The haughty former Senator John Kerry and self-proclaimed global warming prophet/former Vice President Al Gore are also prominent members.

Through his “Young Global Leaders” program, Schwab has bragged that the WEF has penetrated “the global cabinets of countries” . Graduates of the program include Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, French President Emmanuel Macron, the aforementioned Bill Gates, and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.For a deep dive of the list of the nearly 4000 graduates visit Dr Robert Malone’s website. You will be shocked.

When you look at the graduates perhaps that explains the synchronicity of the worldwide Covid lockdowns , the push for full vaccination , the call for vaccine passports, the brutal oppression toward the unvaccinated and the censorship of opposing viewpoints? Schwab is on record for using the Covid pandemic as a trigger for the Great Reset.

Why the recent calls to ban gas stoves? Why is California declaring a ban on the sale of gas powered cars in the state by 2035? This is because of the so-called climate change emergency.

The WEF authoritatively proclaims climate change will lead to dwindling resources because of mankind’s consumption of red meat. As a result, they deem to us in their role as our betters, that the masses must learn to consume alternative protein sources such as bugs and synthetic meat (meat produced in a lab) to save the environment.

Are you concerned yet?

The WEF also tells governments that the world is overpopulated despite birthrates worldwide and especially in Western Civilization dropping. What does this mean? Private property must be eliminated for the good of all except for the elites that is. After all they must be separated from the rest of the rabble. Just recently the WEF predicted we the great unwashed “will own nothing and be happy“.

Hmm… sounds suspiciously like …Communism ?!

Criticizing the WEF in the past would get you some looks and reactions as if you were some conspiracy theorist. As with everything God is revealing, conspiracy theory is becoming conspiracy fact. The WEF, in the form of a defacto world government, is dictating policy to once sovereign countries. What else could explain the call to reduce the use of nitrogen based fertilizers which will greatly reduce the worldwide supply of food? Why in the United States is our country exporting our natural gas to other countries, leading to double and even tripled gas bills to heat homes in the winter and cook food. Our media tell us this is due to Russia cutting off supplies of natural gas to European countries supporting Ukraine.

I believe that the spikes in heating and fueling our vehicles are designed to get citizens to develop an aversion to petroleum resources. Let me explain. Driving the prices up causes people to use less of it. Meanwhile what’s being touted as the saving alternative? That’s right, electric powered cars and stoves.

This is no slight, but most people are simply too busy with their lives to put the pieces together of how we are being manipulated into accepting the where the WEF wants us to be.

Here’s the problem. The infrastructure cannot support the increased use of electrical demand. But even that macroeconomic quandary ignores the reasons we are told that electric is the better way to go and that is the ability of more governmental control of your life.

You simply cannot drive as far with electric vehicles before you need to charge.Therefore , your freedom to travel as you please is reduced. Last year during peak energy usage in California, the state called for people not to charge their electric vehicles . That is a loss of freedom under the guise of an emergency. That is government control.

When it comes to the United States of America, we are still under the Constitution. Since this is the case, does the deference of some of our political leaders to WEF policies constitute ignoring the will of the people? It would seem so.

So what can we do as Christians when it comes to the WEF and its machinations? Study the Constitution. Stay informed and study your Bible, especially the books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation. Begin to speak the truth to your friends and loved ones, even it leads to strained relationships. Finally, pray. Pray now, pray often and pray daily. What we face is not just politics or economics, but outright spiritual warfare. What we are witnessing are examples of doctrines of demons and principalities of darkness.

This is the time for big prayers, not small ones. Our God is greater than everything, including the WEF.