Welcome to the Discerning Pundit

Thank you for visiting the Discerning Pundit, my first and hopefully successful attempt in the blogosphere

First and foremost I am a Christian. My Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ who died for my sins on the cross, was resurrected three days later and sits at the right hand of God. I am the author of the book, No Christian Man is an Island and I have written columns for The American Thinker. My background is in broadcast journalism.

So why the name Discerning Pundit? Discernment is an important spiritual gift from God that blesses us with the ability tell right from wrong and good from evil. Discernment also helps to distinguish truth from lies.

My goal is to present spiritual , cultural and political topics from a Christian point of view. This is not the place to be if you think Christians need to show how nice and inoffensive they are.

Truth is the focus. Not subjective truth that everyone believes they possess in this day and age, but truth measured with the word of God.

America is in a weakened state, because corruption is running rampant. None of our institutions have resisted this onslaught. This is because the country has turned from God.

What America needs is revival. We need to return to God.

Secondarily, Americans need to learn their founding documents, specifically, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The former document declares that our rights come from God and not from man. The latter document describes our system of limited federal government where most of the power resides in the people and the individual states.

For far too long, people have farmed out the responsibility of their freedom to others. Recent events over the past two years have begun to jar people awake to the spiritual state of our nation.

It is my hope that this blog will aid in the effort of opening more Americans’ eyes.

We’ll see where the Lord leads with this blog. In the meantime I welcome your comments.

Dex Bahr