Question everything

Question everything. Leave nothing unchallenged.

In the times we are living , if you are apathetic and not questioning everything reported by the shill media , accepted as truth by popular culture, or repeated as a casual phrase by friends and family, then you are aiding your enslavement.

For instance, why do reporters insert climate change into the reporting of every wildfire , hurricane or flood?

Why has gender become a question at this particular time in history?

Who or what came up with the mantra diversity , equity and and inclusion? Why does it have to repeated in this order for the acronym DEI? Why not diversity, inclusion and equity for the acronym DIE?

Why does each network news program report the same story with the same phrases?

Why is the Uniparty going after former President Donald Trump with all these indictments now, despite more people understanding these legal maneuvers as election interference?

Why is Disney race-swapping classic and beloved characters while destroying the iconic intellectual properties of Star Wars and Marvel?

Why are major corporations marching in lockstep with woke politics, despite brand destruction and massive revenue losses?

When did government on all levels become an enemy of the people?

Who or what decided that hatred against white males is laudable?

Why is questioning election outcomes ok for Democrats but a threat to democracy when Republicans do the same?

Why aren’t feminists questioning the participation of transgendered males in women’s sports?

How did Joe Biden get 80 million votes, despite being holed up in his basement, and more votes than fellow Democrat Barack Obama?

When did Democrats decide that hating America is a campaign platform?

Why do Republican elites hate MAGA?

If you haven’t asked some of these questions, maybe it’s time you started.