Protest…but don’t fall into the left’s trap

by Dex

If media leaks are to be believed, President Donald Trump will be arrested and indicted in a hail Mary charge by the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Trump has called for patriots to “protest, protest, protest!”

I don’t believe for a moment that Trump wants us to get out in the streets of Manhattan and rally around the court or city hall.  He knows about the tactics of the FBI and Antifa and how they influenced the narrative of an insurrection of January 6.  

The question is how do we protest? Obviously the left thinks it has us in a corner and as one columnist astutely noted in the American Thinker Monday, if we protest in the conventional way, we will surely be infiltrated by FBI and Antifa subversives and peaceful protest will turn into violence, which the media is licking it’s chops in hopes for. If we don’t protest, then the media will get video of empty streets and will be able to report that Trump’s has no real support.

But I say there are other ways.

First, I believe anyone protesting in the location near the Manhattan DA or New York City in general is playing right into the communist trap. We should protest, but we should do so in our own cities and states.  

I’m a God-fearing man, so I think massive prayer vigils across the nation are an important and primary form of protest. This domestic siege against President Trump and the United States of America is a spiritual battle first and foremost. You do not engage spiritual warfare using secular tactics. And the battle is not yours it is God’s. 

Our job in spiritual warfare is only to stand.  WE pray individually or with groups to pray for His mighty intervention and for our enemies to know the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.  We pray for God to defeat the satanic plans of the enemies and for justice to prevail.  We pray for a spiritual revival across the land that will sweep out the perversion, fear and corruption that has engulfed the government in this nation.

The prayers of a righteous man (or woman) avails much. 

You need to pray even if you are not a Christian. 

Whether you pray individually or amongst others, get video and post on all social media, not just the friendly sites. This is a form of protest that would distinguish us from the enemy.

I mentioned earlier protesting locally. Gather unannounced at intersections, at overpasses and offramps.  Carry signs supporting Trump and protesting the communist infiltration of the United States. 

I also like the suggestion by the host of X 22 Report to simply have everyone fly  the flag on their homes , cars, storefronts, churches, wherever. Fly the flag in honor of the true and rightful President.  Post the video on Twitter, Truth Social, Rumble, YouTube, and other social media. 

Blast emails to your Republican and Democrat representatives, demanding they speak up against this blatant political attack under the color of the law. 

The left wants us in the streets in front of the Manhattan court, so FBI confidential human sources, Antifa, and even neo- Nazis can dress in Trump MAGA gear and commit violence ,vandalism and mayhem  for the tv cameras. The playbook worked for January 6, why not for March 21? At least that’s what they think.

They think they can incite us to violence by their unending attacks against Trump. They want us to lose it, emotionally. They want us to finally say, “That’s it!”

That day may come if the current state of the country deteriorates further. But for now, we must figuratively keep our powder dry. 

Hopefully, the Manhattan DA will defy his puppet masters and call off the indictment. But if this precedes, patriots cannot play into the left’s hands. We must act with wisdom and discernment and not react out of anger. 

2 replies on “Protest…but don’t fall into the left’s trap”

I agree whole heartedly! The power of prayer is greater than any other means to overcome any issue that may present itself. Prayer allows all of us to express our Admiration, Confessions, Thanksgiving and our Supplications (ACTS) to the one true God. Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” All of our prayers are heard by the Creator of all. Our prayers may not always be answered in the way we want, but we know that we have an Advocate, the Holy Spirit, that also knows exactly what we need and intercedes on our behalf. My prayer and hope is the left may see what we on the right believe to be true regarding President Trump and respect not subvert the process to unfairly remove him from running as a candidate. True democracy only rings loud and clear when all parties and candidates are allowed to participate in the process of running our great country. Let all Americans decide at the polls who they want to represent them!

Dex, yet again I believe you hit the proverbial “nail” on the head! The battle is the Lord’s and he fights best! We do need to pray for our leaders on both sides of the aisle, which is sometimes easier said than done. Praying for our enemies sometimes is tough, but it really works. Let’s all pray that ALL of our leaders get back to living by moral values and the laws of God. Let’s also pray for free and honest elections. Hopefully by doing so, we can right this great ship called the USS AMERICA!

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