Traditional masculinity triggers godless left

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.  Let all that you do be done in love.–1 Corinthians 16:13-14 (English Standard Version)

Like a cross to a vampire, traditional masculinity triggers the godless left. Why is this so?

So much of leftism attacks classic masculine traits such as courage, assertiveness, independence and leadership. Here’s why they must.

I believe it’s because masculinity is normal.

Oh it can’t be that… can it?

Yes it can, and it makes sense if you think about it.

Everything about the left is a parody and a counterfeit. Their policies and goals are steeped in chaos with the upending of what used to be accepted behaviors of the two sexes.

There is nothing chaotic about true masculinity. If anything ,masculinity produces order and calm which is kryptonite to the radical left.

Take a guess as to the masculinity poster boy that most triggers the godless left? That’s right: None other than President Donald Trump.

Let’s see… the left labels Trump as bombastic and braggadocious, yet he exhibits those masculine traits of courage, assertiveness, independence ,leadership and results in spades. Maybe that’s why the left and RINO’s on the right hate him?

Trump not only exemplifies those qualities, but he celebrates other men that project those qualities. Just look at any of his rallies. He always makes it a point to single out people in his audience that look like men’s men. He highlights and celebrates that as one alpha male to another which gets the left seething.

“Toxic masculinity this and toxic masculinity that!” they whine as if every male is a bully or misogynist. Now are there some jerks who exhibit those negative qualities?

Of course. But who stands against the those who bully others? That’s right, the masculine male.

The experts say toxic masculinity is harmful to nations because of misogyny, dominance and violence. Let’s examine these examples one by one.

The vast majority of masculine men are chivalrous to women because of their up-bringing. Notice you never ever hear the left discuss chivalry as a part of masculinity. Nope, all we hear associated with masculinity is sexism.

Dominance is also alien to true masculinity. These men do not obsess over bending people to their will , they’re too busy living their lives, taking care of their families and working their jobs. Only godless narcissists and sociopaths, walk around, contemplating how they can dominate society and culture. Remember, control is a reaction to fear.

Which brings us to violence…

For real toxic males, violence is a go-to, whether it’s raging, protecting fragile egos, dominating women or impressing peers with random assaults. We’re talking developmentally arrested individuals, lacking self-control. For them, violence is strength.

On the other hand, threats to family, friends innocents and personal safety are go-time for the traditional masculine man. These are males with self-control and patience…up to point. While these men are not prone to violence, they are not afraid to use it when needed.

God gave masculinity to men as tools to protect, build, carry on the species, fight, and if necessary, kill evil. Demonizing masculinity, in favor of radically feminizing culture, is literally withering the United States of America and Western Civilization.

This coordinated attack on masculinity is not to make us a better nation as the leftist mantra often claims. Instead, it is a strategy to destroy western nations like the United States, Canada and Great Britain by weakening its protectors: masculine men.

Want to know the biggest reason the left hates Trump or any other unapologetic masculine men? These guys whether in big ways or small inspire men to stand , resist and, if needed, fight.

Most importantly such men are heroic to young boys and teens. They provide an ideal for them in which to aspire.

True masculine guys don’t obsess over what people think about them. They form their opinions based on their core beliefs and principles.

The ever growing numbers of MAGA reflect a country of males thirsty for simple, plain-spoken truths outside of the gaslighting left. That’s sand in the gears of leftism which bullies people into staying silent and standing down out of guilt, shame or fear.

Men like Trump are dangerous to the left, so they are demonized as racists, misogynists, and homophobes. This is done so other guys will hesitate pushing back against the crazy leftist agenda.

Too many men want to be liked and accepted by everyone:pop culture, friends and even people they hardly know. They parrot mainstream thinking with their comments and observations and are mortified if they offend anyone. These are beta males.

To quote the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers Manager, Leo Durocher, “Nice guys finish last.” Or in this case , beta males aren’t even in the fight.

The need for traditional masculinity is a truth that may offend many in our angry , petulant and unserious culture. Since traditional masculinity triggers the godless left, more males should embrace this trait with alacrity.


Warfare prayers needed for President Trump

President Donald Trump is out in front, taking slings and arrows on the people’s behalf. What Trump has faced would cause most politicians to slink away in defeat.

Trump is showing that he is the people’s President and this frightens the uniparty and the deep state.

They have thrown everything at this man and everything has failed. Now all they got is revisiting the hush money probe that failed before. Legal experts say Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case doesn’t hold up to legal scrutiny.

Please pray for him as he prepares to enter the Manhattan courthouse Tuesday .This, the culmination of the George Soros funded DA’s witch-hunt.

That isn’t stopping the deep state and the press from salivating about the prospect of getting video of authorities booking Trump.

Trump will likely be fingerprinted, have a mug shot taken , among other formalities before he’s formally arraigned and appears in court to plead not guilty.

We are living through dark times in America right now. We are surrounded by and being governed by pawns doing the work of evil forces hidden from public scrutiny.

Like you , I have had feelings of revulsion pondering the level of satanic evil looming over this country. We are witnessing the physical manifestations of spiritual warfare.

Evil is ugly and disturbing when you witness godless people carry it out without fear of consequences. Our enemies are emboldened because every institution in our country is corrupted.

For example, the indictment of President Trump is a glaring example of how the deep state has weaponized the legal system against their political enemies.

That all this happening during Holy Week is uncanny. I’m sure it’s part of God’s timing that this sham of an indictment is reminiscent of the sham trials Jesus experienced before His crucifixion.

Jesus knew He was going to the cross to save man. He knew he would die , be resurrected and sit at the right hand of God , ready to return during our Heavenly Father’s timing.

Let us pray that no harm comes to President Trump while in custody and that he and the MAGA movement emerges stronger:

Heavenly Father,

May your angels surround President Trump and his group with your protection . Lord May the plans of our enemies meet with failure. Please bless President Trump with godly wisdom and discernment. Please fill his heart and the hearts of his family with your perfect peace that defies human understanding.

May President Trump keep our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ first and foremost in his heart and mind from this day forward.

Lord we pray that no plan will succeed against this man and his family and his administration.

Lord we pray that you would be glorified in this situation and that from this period of darkness would come the light of revival throughout this nation.

We ask in Jesus’ name…Amen


Protest…but don’t fall into the left’s trap

by Dex

If media leaks are to be believed, President Donald Trump will be arrested and indicted in a hail Mary charge by the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Trump has called for patriots to “protest, protest, protest!”

I don’t believe for a moment that Trump wants us to get out in the streets of Manhattan and rally around the court or city hall.  He knows about the tactics of the FBI and Antifa and how they influenced the narrative of an insurrection of January 6.  

The question is how do we protest? Obviously the left thinks it has us in a corner and as one columnist astutely noted in the American Thinker Monday, if we protest in the conventional way, we will surely be infiltrated by FBI and Antifa subversives and peaceful protest will turn into violence, which the media is licking it’s chops in hopes for. If we don’t protest, then the media will get video of empty streets and will be able to report that Trump’s has no real support.

But I say there are other ways.

First, I believe anyone protesting in the location near the Manhattan DA or New York City in general is playing right into the communist trap. We should protest, but we should do so in our own cities and states.  

I’m a God-fearing man, so I think massive prayer vigils across the nation are an important and primary form of protest. This domestic siege against President Trump and the United States of America is a spiritual battle first and foremost. You do not engage spiritual warfare using secular tactics. And the battle is not yours it is God’s. 

Our job in spiritual warfare is only to stand.  WE pray individually or with groups to pray for His mighty intervention and for our enemies to know the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.  We pray for God to defeat the satanic plans of the enemies and for justice to prevail.  We pray for a spiritual revival across the land that will sweep out the perversion, fear and corruption that has engulfed the government in this nation.

The prayers of a righteous man (or woman) avails much. 

You need to pray even if you are not a Christian. 

Whether you pray individually or amongst others, get video and post on all social media, not just the friendly sites. This is a form of protest that would distinguish us from the enemy.

I mentioned earlier protesting locally. Gather unannounced at intersections, at overpasses and offramps.  Carry signs supporting Trump and protesting the communist infiltration of the United States. 

I also like the suggestion by the host of X 22 Report to simply have everyone fly  the flag on their homes , cars, storefronts, churches, wherever. Fly the flag in honor of the true and rightful President.  Post the video on Twitter, Truth Social, Rumble, YouTube, and other social media. 

Blast emails to your Republican and Democrat representatives, demanding they speak up against this blatant political attack under the color of the law. 

The left wants us in the streets in front of the Manhattan court, so FBI confidential human sources, Antifa, and even neo- Nazis can dress in Trump MAGA gear and commit violence ,vandalism and mayhem  for the tv cameras. The playbook worked for January 6, why not for March 21? At least that’s what they think.

They think they can incite us to violence by their unending attacks against Trump. They want us to lose it, emotionally. They want us to finally say, “That’s it!”

That day may come if the current state of the country deteriorates further. But for now, we must figuratively keep our powder dry. 

Hopefully, the Manhattan DA will defy his puppet masters and call off the indictment. But if this precedes, patriots cannot play into the left’s hands. We must act with wisdom and discernment and not react out of anger. 


Apathy is no longer a luxury – The Discerning Pundit

by Dex Apathy – lack of emotion 2 lack of interest; listless condition; unconcern; indifference. Historically, Americans have been apathetic about the whole political and moral processes of this country . And guess what? Now it has bitten us squarely on the butt. Look at who’s in charge of the presidency, and of blue and…
— Read on


Are we at the end of woke politics?

by Dex

To paraphrase President Donald Trump, everything woke turns to crap. Actually, his description was more colorful, but Trump’s right.

Name one positive aspect of woke politics. Really. Try hard.

I’m guessing you can’t.

One glaring aspect of woke politics is that these people seem pissed off all the time. There is nothing positive about this political philosophy that even attracts a majority of Americans.

For example, the civil rights movement of the 1960’s attracted supporters, because its message was largely positive. That certain parts of the country was discriminating against a race of people was an offense to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Dr. King is still lauded today, because he preached that all black people wanted was to be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

Wokeism is no answer to Constitutional grievances. All of those who subscribe to this philosophy have freedom of speech, the right to vote, the right to assemble and all the other freedoms as listed in Constitution. They even have inalienable rights to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness as written in the Declaration of Independence.

Wokeism demands people be judged solely by the color of their skin, or their gender, because some agents of subversion decided to foist it on mainstream America to turn all the progress this country has made on its head. Women good/men bad. Whiteness bad/ people of color good. White men ? They’re just plain evil.

Yeah… deep thinking is not a facet of wokeism, only shallow judgements. Where are the learned thinkers of wokeism? Who can be pointed to as the philosophical authors of wokeism? Sure, there may be people who could be named at the university level, but I can’t think of anyone on a national level.

That’s not the case with conservatism. For example, who can deny the national impression to America made by such intellectual giants such as Adam Smith, William F. Buckley ,Thomas Sowell , Rush Limbaugh or Shelby Steele? People may not have agreed with the viewpoints of these individuals, but never once have their beliefs been forced upon people under threat of punishment.

Wokeism demands demonization not unity and hatred over love. Put simply, if you reject wokeism, you are a racist , bigot, homophobe therefore you are only worthy of the most acidic vitriol.

So anyway, back to the title of this piece. Are we at the end of wokeism? I believe we are at the begining of the end. You have only to look at the box office.

Yep, even leftist Hollywood is suffering the consequences of woke virtue signaling. Woke movies do horrible business. The best example is the superhero genre.

Marvel Studios was once an entertainment juggernaut. Every new release used to be highly anticipated. But after going full bore woke with Phase 4, dwindling box office returns from the movie releases have indicated that the public has had enough .

People are simply not buying into the storylines that make once stalwart heroes like Thor, a buffoon or the once raging Hulk boring and weaker Professor Hulk Fans are also tired of the gender and race swapping of their heroes.

Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios has gone on record saying he wants a Marvel Universe made up predominately of female superheroes. How’s that working out Kevin? Thor : Love and Thunder, failure! Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, failure! The Eternals? Failure! Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever…failure!

The MCU has truly become the M-She-U (Hat tip to Gary “Nerdrotic” Buechler)

You can try to force woke politics down people throats as entertainment, but the public will always speak with their wallets. Threats, fear and intimidation can only get your message so far. After a while people may pay lipservice to get you off their backs, but they will find ways to throw sand in the cogs.

Fear not. For all of its bombast, wokeism will soon be thrown into the ashheap of history as with all Marxist schemes to divide and weaken America.