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Guess who are the most hated and vilified people?

Guess who are the most hated and vilified people in America are right now?

Blacks? Nope. Why would a discriminated group be in seemingly every tv commercial?

Hispanics? No way.

Gays /drag queens? You kidding? They use their so-called victim status to bully corporations and politicians. 

Middle Eastern immigrants? Name the last time you heard a hate crime or discrimination against this group.

Jews?  Good guess, especially in the light of the recent Hamas attack in Gaza and IDF retaliation, but not quite.

I’ll give you another hint.

Courtesy: LA Times

This demographic has suffered mass shootings in schools and houses of worship, is constantly demonized for every historical injustice and ridiculed as weak-minded. Who is this group of people?

 Just look in the mirror. It’s you, the God-fearing, patriotic American. 

You, who love God, worship Jesus, attend church, work hard, raise your family, pay your taxes, give thanks for America, revere the Constitution, salute the flag, obey the law,  respect the military, do your civic duty and volunteer your time, are despised by the Democrat Party, LGBTQ, Hollywood, academia, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the World Economic Forum and by Republicans in Name Only (RINOS).

All these groups have one thing in common: they hate your values and therefore have made it their mission to force you to reject those values. Everywhere, you go your beliefs and character are under attack, from President Biden calling those who support Making America Great Again (MAGA), domestic terrorists, to woke and anti-Christian propaganda in tv and movies.

How dare you believe the Bible as truth? How dare you believe there are only two genders? How dare you respect those old, white, slave-holding racists otherwise known as the Founding Fathers?  How dare you question the destruction of statues of historic military leaders?  And most all, you have the unmitigated gall to push back against any liberal or Uniparty government narrative.

Despite the unified vitriol, God still takes care of you doesn’t He? Look around, despite the media stories of doom and gloom you got a roof over your head, food to eat and safety. Heck, you still have freedoms that are anathema in oppressive regimes.  

Because of God’s blessings, you are the reason America is still standing. Yes, she is weakened right now, both internally and on the world stage, but she is not out. It’s because of your patriotism which, ironically, comes from a love of God, family, and country.  

Never forget that God is on your side. Don’t give in to compromise with our tormenters so that they will like you.  

They know we have authority in God, hence the daily psyops to convince us otherwise.   The truth is as long as we seek God and make it our goal to glorify Him through the Son, Jesus, nothing they throw at us can defeat us in this life and the next. 

No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
You shall condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
And their righteousness is from Me,”—Isaiah 54:17
(New King James Version)

If your enemies hate you because of your Christian faith and values, take it as a badge of honor and rejoice in Christ for the condemnation.  

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,  knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.  But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.—James 1:2-4 (NKJV)

Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,  through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.  And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;  and perseverance, character; and character, hope.  Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.—Romans 5:1-5 (NKJV)

Our faith is in the Lord. Because of Jesus, we are at peace with God and not HIS enemies. As a result, we rejoice in the hope of God’s glory.  When we are under God’s will and authority, it doesn’t matter who hates us. Whatever tribulation we suffer, God will use it to produce steadfastness, fortitude, and earnest trust in Him. 

So let our enemies continue to hate and vilify us because of our faith in God. We know from where our blessings come.

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View things as they are

View things as they are with raw honesty. Ignore the temptation to rationalize what you see plainly in front you.

Do not look away from the truth, but accept it in all its reality and ugliness. For how can America progress if the truth is ignored?

Stop telling yourself our current federal government always has the best interests of the American people at its forefront.  That’s simply not the case right now. 

Rising anti-semitism on U.S. college campuses and large metropolitan cites in the wake of the Hamas Attack have shocked even some Democrats. Yet, President Biden, in his recent address to the nation said Islamaphobia is just as rampant.

Really ?

Congressional investigations and published reports are revealing a president who has likely had past business dealings with countries like China and Ukraine, through other Biden family members.

President Joe Biden appears to be a compromised figurehead. Is he a puppet of nefarious masters behind the scenes, as many have speculated? Who might be pulling his strings?  Former President Barack Obama? The CCP? The World Economic Forum? Perhaps a combination of all?

 No matter. Americans are losing faith in the Biden Administration. Just look at his poll numbers . People are believing the policies of this administration have hurt , rather than help the American people.

If you doubt me, just look at the evidence.

What else could explain the stoppage of drilling and petroleum exploration which has resulted in astronomically high fuel and food prices ?

 Is the Biden Administration helping the American people by allowing an invasion at the southern border, —yes, an invasion—of nearly 10 million illegals? These aren’t just families looking for a better life, but also drug smugglers, human traffickers, gang members and other assorted criminals. 

 And why are young men of military age from the Middle East, China, and Africa crossing America’s southern border? 

Courtesy: Newsweek

 Keep in mind, U.S. officials don’t have the manpower or resources to vet every one of these aliens due to the sheer volume of people. Yet, the government has placed these unvetted trespassers in various states, cities, and towns. 

Think about that for a moment. There’s a high likelihood that agents of enemy countries entered the United States through the southern border and are operating in America as sleeper cells.  This, under the “reign” of the Biden Administration.

Courtesy: CBN News

The average American can no longer pretend not to know things and must face hard truths . We no longer have the luxury of apathy.

More Americans need to start asking questions like, “Are we living in a thriving constitutional republic when government demonizes contrary opinion as disinformation or conspiracy theory?”

Truly we are in the age of gaslighting when no behavior is aberrant except conservatism or patriotism.  It’s as if the emperor is wearing no clothes.  The only difference is when child of the iconic story pointed out the reality of the emperor’s nakedness, the subjects were snapped out of the ruse. However, if the story were written now, the child would face punishment from cancel culture, imprisonment, or lawfare.

This is America in 2023. When viewed with raw honesty and without rationalization, there is only one conclusion: we need God more than ever. 

The collective sin of this nation has brought us to this point. Worshipping hedonism, instead of God, has brought societal moral corruption in America, and it is no surprise that our leaders reflect this. 

I believe America is under God’s judgment and He is using everything to get our attention regarding how desperately we need Jesus.  America is living proof of the gradual degeneration of a country that turns from God. 

Only when we view things as they are can we understand the country’s descent . Yes, we must ask God to have mercy and save America, but we must also ask Him what He is calling us to do for our part in this effort.

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The Christian dilemma with partisan politics

By all means, God-fearing Christians must engage in politics. However the Christian dilemma with partisan politics is making sure not to view morality through strictly a Democrat or Republican lens.

Godly morality is what it is. There is no nuance or compromise on right and wrong or good versus evil.

The temptation for Christians with partisan politics is rationalizing immorality under the guise of compassion and love. When this happens God’s word and church doctrine risk subversion.

Politics and politicians are seductive due to the power and change that can occur. Anyone, including Christians, can fall under the siren call of a popular politician or policy.

Keep in mind most politicians are secular men and women and many of them believe they are doing good. Without God, however, this virtue at its best only reflects the values and morals of a sinful world.

Abortion is called a fundamental woman’s right, but conflicts with the Sixth Commandment. Gay marriage violates God’s creation of marriage between one man and woman. Transgenderism makes mockery of God’s creation of the two sexes, man and woman(Genesis 5:2, Genesis 2:21-22).

These issues are in the forefront of the news and evoke much controversy and passion. They are also three examples of the cornerstone of Democrat policy.

It’s amazing that Democrat platforms either call for the destruction of societal norms or create division, as in the case of stirring up racial strife and woke politics.

What’s the Republican reaction to these policies? The average Christian conservative sees the harm and calls for the Republican Party to resist and overturn these harmful policies and the legislation associated with them.

The Republican leadership, however, doesn’t want to be bothered unless its for fundraising or re-election. Sure they talk a great game during their re-election campaigns , but once back in office they, for the most part, ignore the harm done to the country. Instead the Republican leadership focuses its contempt at conservative constituents , rather than the Democrats.

To say the political parties have changed in the last 60 years is an understatement. They’ve become a UniParty, protecting the party interests and united in their hatred for their constituents.


Both parties are are two sides of the same coin, with their respective roles to play. The Dems? They’ve become the de-facto determiner of morality in America. The Repubs? They’re controlled opposition.

What is controlled opposition? Republicans who pontificate conservative buzz words on camera, but provide little, if any, pushback against the leftist agenda.

However ,when the UniParty unites in participation in foreign wars,God-fearing Christians and conservatives must be especially wary. They must discern whether such calls are to truly protect the American people , a political distraction or a benefit for the military industrial complex .

Sad to say, but everyone must question politicians’ calls to protect Democracy in other countries while ignoring the dire state of affairs in the United States. We are a nation in decline precisely because of our past ignorance regarding the machinations of corrupt politicians and dangerous ideologies.

Have you been guilty in the past of wedding yourself to political passions over God’s perspectives? I confess falling for that seduction in the past. Hey, we’re all vulnerable.

Partisan politics becomes a dilemma for the Christian when he or she subordinates God to emotion and fickle cultural passions. Christians should participate in the political process, but must, through prayer and study, measure every policy against the Word of God . We must exercise, from now on, Godly discernment.

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Is America becoming an oligarchy ?

Oligarchy (noun) 1: government by the few 2: a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposesMerriam Webster Dictionary

Has American government become government by the few? Is America becoming an oligarchy? This is a valid question considering most of what’s coming out of Washington these days seems corrupt and only for selfish purposes.

Let’s see…a dictatorial and unelected administrative state, impeachments of political enemies, globalist policies, cutting energy production and a wide open border sure illustrate the Biden Administration giving the middle finger to Americans. Someone, a corporation or politically connected family is benefitting from such policies.

It’s certainly not the American taxpayer/worker , whom such policies seem designed to punish.

Oligarchy is a word not usually attached to America. How many times have you heard the word “Russian oligarchs” especially during the Trump- Russia collusion hoax?

Personally, I had not thought much about the term until watching an eye- opening lecture by Hillsdale College. You can watch it here:

“An oligarchy is the rule of the few for their own sake. A distinct and insular class of people, rather than a trained elite.” Does this not describe the deep state and the administrative state?

Washington D.C. is a bubble insulated from the rest of the nation, with its own rules for governance and justice. 

Now, a side bar that I promise will bring us back to the subject of this piece. 

Let’s talk about a fact the insular class want you to forget: America was founded as a republic not as a democracy. In fact , democracy is not found in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States.

What’s the difference? Aren’t a republic and democracy the same thing? Certainly both forms of government protect liberty…don’t they?

 Not quite.

A republic whether one wants to call it Constitutional or representative, protects the rights of the individual, the minority and even individuals in the majority.  This means the rights of any individual disagreeing with the majority are just as important as those in the majority. In other words, the majority is not valorized.

A republic also recognizes there are intellectual differences as well as differences in wealth and stature among people. It doesn’t try to erase these differences . Republicanism ,instead,embraces these differences and takes all sides , with its various wisdom, into account in the pursuit of justice and liberty.

However, egalitarianism is supreme in democracy. Democracy exploits man’s inherent desire for equality as a weapon that tramples any counter opinions. Only one opinion matters in a democracy ,the will of the majority. Democracies are vulnerable to the passions and shortsightedness of popular rule.

Today , this justifies cancel culture and willfully ignoring any counter-arguments to democracy based policies. This, of course is anti-liberty.

Unfortunately, what the modern political left means when they shout “democracy!” is their form of government which benefits Washington D.C. How many times have you heard, some individual or group is “a threat to Democracy?” This means any person or ideology that threatens their system. 

Dems and the RINOs, aided by the media, gaslight the public into believing their narrative is shared by the majority. They have convinced much of pop culture that America is either a pure democracy or a representative democracy.  In fact, I cannot think of a current elected Republican correcting this purposeful redefinition of America.

Did you know the Founders hated democracy? Why, you ask?

Because they were well-read students of history, they knew democracies eventually slide into tyranny. Just so we’re all clear, tyranny is government exerting oppressive power over the people.  Got it? Now check this out.

German sociologist, Robert Michaels

Sociologist Robert Michaels also theorized oligarchies are inevitable in any democracy. Repeat: oligarchies are inevitable in any democracy.

Perhaps this explains the deep state, the UniParty and the media blatantly, protecting the interests of an anti-American and anti-Constitution elite class?

Consider the attacks on the 2nd Amendment, 1st Amendment censorship, skyrocketing gas prices, billions of dollars to Ukraine, the slow walk to address glaring election illegality, and the push to place Americans in electric vehicles. All these issues suggest a government ruling the people based on the whims of a small elite, rather than serving the people, does it not?  

Is this maintaining our history of freedom and liberty or is this control? Is this promoting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or fear and manipulation? You be the judge.

One thing’s for sure, this dedicated elite does seem hell-bent in taking us back to a pre-Constitutional form of government where the rule of law means one is guilty until proven innocent, instead of innocent until proven guilty.  

Cross the state, and the court of public opinion, led by the media, will convict you of allegations of sexual assault even before a trial. If that doesn’t work they’ll impeach you on trumped up charges, take away your office and gag you from speaking in your defense. Just Ask Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Use the law to prosecute political enemies and guess what we got? Perhaps a Banana Republic reeking of communism and Marxism under the control of an oligarchy?  Seems plausible. 

And where are the outraged conservative statesmen and stateswomen declaring this blatant corruption?

Some get it, but most are too busy giving Americans a vicarious “two minutes hate” against the likes of Anthony Fauci and Merrick Garland during investigations that go nowhere. You know, lots of grandstanding, but no significant punishment meted out. But hey, at least conservative websites will report about the tongue lashings as if we scored some points.

No offense, but scoring political digs against some bureaucrat, Democrat or otherwise, accomplishes nothing except a moment or two of schadenfreude. That doesn’t cut it anymore.

More Americans’ eyes are opening to the reality of our situation. More are understanding our government taking actions that hurt, instead of helping, law-abiding American citizens.

What do we do? 

First, we identify the problem, which more patriots are realizing. Education is the next step. 

Teach loved ones, friends and even your liberal and RINO friends about oligarchies.  Point out America’s leaders were not meant to come from only specific families, or colleges and that an insular administrative state is a danger to liberty.

Then you use the power of the vote. Ignore the naysayers who tell you don’t waste your time. These are Eeyores who are quick to throw in the towel. Keep voting no matter what. 

Other than that, all we, the people can do is resist. Keep standing, speaking the truth and never surrender.  Throw sand in the gears anyway you can. One simple way is declaring America is a republic every time you hear someone pontificating about democracy. Another is asking among friends, is America an oligarchy?

The patriots who fought, died, and prevailed, formed a Constitutional republic free of the tyrannical reign of monarchy and the corruption of democracy. This small political oligarchy has spent the last several decades soiling this legacy because we, the people, weren’t paying attention.