Reading between the lines

“This time we got him!” The corporate media implied last week after the (latest) indictment of former President Donald Trump. Now days later it’s, “Oh my God, oh my God, Trump might actually win this thing!”

How do I know this?I have been reading between the lines of any commentary, editorial or story, post August 3 indictment.

Case in point, a recent editorial by the Miami Herald editorial board that has warns of the existentialist dangers of re-electing Trump. I encourage you to read the editorial in its entirety, but for the sake of brevity, I am going to focus a few especially choice excerpts.

For this column I will present the excerpt as written, followed by my satirical take of what the editorial board really means. In other words, reading between the lines.

First, the lede:

In 2016, voters went for Donald Trump, the showman, the bigot, the iconoclast, the sexist, the mean-spirited charmer quick with jab, joke or derisive nickname.

Now, given the mile-wide lead that the former president has in the race for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, a majority of Republican voters seem ready to embrace Trump, the authoritarian.


You voters ignored our polls that showed Donald Trump had no chance of defeating Hilary Clinton . We get it: You were swayed by Trump’s celebrity, which caused you to mindlessly embrace Trump’s racist assessment of who was entering the country illegally through the US/Mexico border.

Courtesy: C-SPAN

And how dare you not condemn Trump for insulting Senator John McCain’s valor as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. If that wasn’t bad enough, you ignored our breaking news of the Access Hollywood recording of Trump which should have buried him. You also turned a deaf ear to Trump’s disparaging comments against Rosie O’Donnell . (Who cares if she insulted him first? His response was like a bully.)

Finally you laughed at all of nicknames for opponents such as “Crooked Hillary,” “Lyin’ Ted “, “Little Marco” and “Crazy Nancy.”

Now Trump’s back with huge leads in the polls (after revelations that his campaign was spied upon, “Russiagate” was a perpetrated by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and he urged J6 protestors to leave peacefully). Reelecting this guy will lead to a power transfer back to the …people. That would be devastating for this country.

Trump and his campaign have been crystal clear: Should he regain the White House, he will consolidate every last bit of power he can into his own hands. The three equal branches of government will not be equal any more. The former president plans a sweeping makeover of the presidency and the constitutional foundations that actually make America great.

“What we’re trying to do is identify the pockets of independence (emphasis mine),” Russell T. Vought, one of Trump’s policy advisers told that New York Times, “and seize them.”


Our side has been working to gather all the power into our hands, we naturally expect Trump will do the same.

And can you believe the gall of demanding a transparent Department of Justice and attorney general? Those pockets of independence should be outside the purview of the Executive Branch. (skip to 2:20 listen to 4:06)

Trump promises to wrest control from the Justice Department and order a criminal investigation into his predecessor, Joe Biden, an abuse of power that would top the Nixon White House and Watergate. Trump also says he will order the now-independent Justice Department to investigate charging decisions by local prosecutors, superseding constitutional separation of federal and local authorities.

You mean that same Department of Justice that “President” Biden has weaponized against his opponent President Trump and tried to give Hunter Biden a slap on the wrist?


Trump will curb the current weaponization of the DOJ against the enemies of the Uniparty and instead have it go after criminals. (Wait…what?)

But Trump is promising something else: He will continue to reject our constitutional order and replace it with one-man rule, where he is the authority over laws and how they apply.


Trump will… reject “our constitutional order” means he will govern not according to our modern interpretation of subverting the Constitution, but as the Founders intended. “One-man rule” is our way of saying dictator ( as we use racist, sexist or homophobe) to frighten people so they don’t hear the message of our enemies. The truth is we’re not giving up our authority over laws and how they apply.

He’ll undermine Americans’ ability to govern themselves. And he’ll create more chaos, because it serves him. We saw that, unforgettably, on Jan. 6, 2021, when he worked up supporters at his rally until they stormed the U.S. Capitol to block Biden’s victory from being certified.


We’re in the process of undermining Americans’ ability to govern themselves. What do think the Covid mask and vaccine mandates were about? The same goes for our efforts to criminalize parents efforts to intervene when their kid wants to become the opposite sex? (Excuse us… gender designation at birth, not sex) The last thing we need is Trump screwing that up with the Founders’ belief about self -governance.

When Trump called for people to protest the election results on January 6, the numbers scared the hell out of us. Sure , the protestors didn’t burn down structures , vandalize police cars and beat up innocent people. That’s the difference between peaceful protest of BLM and Antifa and the chaos of Trump white supremacists.

Just because we called Trump’s 2016 election illegitimate, due to Russian interference, doesn’t give his racist , hayseed followers the right to do the same . So his commanding lead on November 3, 2020 evaporated over night after key states stopped the vote count. The nerve!

And now for my favorite paragraph, the conclusion;

Americans already have endured an unsuccessful coup. To prevent one that succeeds, more of us must pay attention, learn from history and act like the true Americans we can be.


So far, most Americans reject Trump’s claim of a stolen election (although that number is shrinking). To make sure he doesn’t succeed, more of you must watch and gather information only from our news, learn from our version of history and act like the real Americans we want you to be (compliant, passive and unquestioning).


And so ends our first exercise in reading between the lines. I tried to take a humorous approach. Humor works when it’s based on truth.


The latest effort to separate Trump from his base

Here we go again. The latest effort to separate former President Donald Trump from his base.

Courtesy: ABC News

Another week, another indictment of a man already exonerated in two impeachments. Thursday , special counsel Jack Smith charged President Trump with four counts of conspiracy regarding the January 6 aftermath of the 2020 Presidential election.

Trump recently messaged on Truth Social he faces over 561 years in prison if convicted of this and other indictments brought by Democrats.

Yeah…561 years!

Are you sensing a little desperation here folks on the part of Joe Biden Administration? Specifically, the Department of Justice of “President” Biden whom congressional investigations are revealing may be the most corrupt man ever to hold the office?

And isn’t funny that whenever bombshell news is about to break about the latest allegation of Biden corruption, a Trump indictment happens? Hat tip to Captain Chaos who commented at the Gateway Pundit with this (verifiable) timeline:

Timeline of Trump Indictments
6/7/2023 – FBI releases documents alleging Bidens took a $10 million bribe from Burisma
6/8/2023 – Trump indicted in Mar-A-Lago docs case
7/26/2023 – Hunter Biden’s plea deal falls apart after the DOJ tried giving him blanket immunity from future prosecutions
7/27/2023 – Jack Smith adds more charges for Trump in Mar-a-Lago case
7/31/2023 – Devon Archer tells Congress Joe Biden was on over 20 calls with Hunter’s business partners
8/1/2023 – Trump indicted over Jan. 6 probe

Nahh… it’s probably a coincidence.

“This is very sad day for America,” President Trump remarked after the hearing, “When you look at what’s happening this is a persecution of a political opponent. This was never supposed to happen in America. This is the persecution of the person that’s leading by very, very substantial numbers in the Republican primary and leading Biden by a lot. So if you can’t beat ’em, you persecute them or you prosecute ’em, we can’t let this happen in America.”

Those astronomical poll numbers are precisely why we are seeing all these indictments over two years after J6 and over a year from the the 2024 Presidential Election. Apparently, the Democrats and the deep state believe that the plethora of criminal charges against Trump will gradually separate him from his base.

So far, every indictment has led to an uptick in Trump’s poll numbers. I suspect polling in the aftermath of this recent indictment will show the same.

Will these indictments also provide the GOP/ RNC with the excuse to remove Trump from the ballot in certain states? ? It’s remotely possible, but I believe the fallout would mortally damage the Republican Party .

Plus, the Constitution says nothing about an indictment or conviction precluding anyone from running for presidential office. Even CNN confirmed this.

Still, the breathless news reports of Trump taken into custody and fingerprinted, (and the hopes of an eventual mugshot) are still sickening and depressing. And that is precisely how these persecutors want Trump supporters to feel. They want us sad and demoralized with the hope we will eventually move on to a safer and softer candidate.

So far, like a Wile E. Coyote ACME bomb , these efforts have blown up in the face of the Uniparty/deep state. Which begs the question , Are we witnessing insanity (doing the same thing over and expecting a different result) on the part of Trump’s enemies? Maybe, maybe not.

The problem is their strategy to tar and feather Trump’s reputation are awakening more and more people to the reality of a corrupt two-tiered justice system, instead of separating Trump from his base.

So for now, stay strong, God’s justice will prevail. May we ask God not only for peace and protection over President Trump, but also that his persecutors would know the love of Jesus Christ in their hearts. Maybe we can separate some of these lost souls from darkness of their hatred.


GOP, you won’t fool us again

You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” Now for conservatives, it’s “GOP, you won’t fool us again. “

If you missed the Iowa Family Leadership Conference, hosted by Tucker Carlson, you need to give the interviews a serious watch. Here , here and here . Carlson’s sharp questioning of candidates revealed most of the current GOP bench as robotic, uninspiring or fake.

Years ago I would have been into most or all of these candidates, thinking, “Hey, they’re the GOP, the good guys. Let’s see who emerges as the front-runner and let’s back em.”

Not anymore.

Why do I say GOP, you won’t fool us again?

Everyone of those candidates Tucker interviewed is playing a role. Each of them has a specific part in this election cycle to keep President Donald Trump out of the White House. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is Trump Lite, Former Vice President Mike Pence and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are trying to fracture the evangelical vote ( and in Scott’s case, the black vote), Former S.C. Governor and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley , the female and hawk vote, Chris Christie , the moderate vote and so on.

Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson shot themselves in their proverbial feet during the interviews. Pence on Ukraine and Hutchinson regarding his veto of an Arkansas bill banning transgender surgeries for children.

Both of these excerpts showed empty suits with loyalties to issues most Americans strongly oppose. Could this information have come out in the debates? Probably not, but I could be wrong.

What’s needed in this election cycle are more one-on-one townhall sit-downs with skilled interviewers because this throws off the rehearsed soundbites of candidates. Time to dispense with meaningless debates where the clapping seal punditry determine the winners and losers. Let’s go a step further and get the moderators for these events from alternative conservative media only. Period.

An ever-growing number of conservative voters are wise to the GOP schtick . You know, the mouthing of Christian platitudes, pledging to shrink the bureaucracy, moderation in the face of Democrat insults, and the refusals to seriously question Covid policies and the 2020 Presidential election.

With very few individual exceptions, the Republicans and Democrats belong to the Uniparty, dedicated only to the interests of Washington D.C. and not the people. More conservatives are getting this.

Included in this are many of the so-called conservative punditry who we once listened to , watched and read religiously . They’ve revealed themselves as controlled opposition.

What’s controlled opposition? These hacks give us the illusion that we have a voice by them saying the right conservative buzzwords, fooling us they’re on our side. Meanwhile , they feature insufferable RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) on their shows weekly.

Sure, there are mainstream exceptions to this rule , but now it’s trust but verify.

Which brings us back to current crop of GOP candidates. The people chose their preferred candidate in 2016, 2020 and the polls are showing a huge majority of conservative voters want Trump back in the White House. The Republican elites say we’ll give you a choice, anyone but Trump.

Republican elites don’t want Trump because he places the people first and not D.C. interests, the conservative majority want Trump precisely because he places the people first and not D.C. interests. The scales have come off the eyes of more and more people who realize that most of current candidates are beholden to billionaire donors before the interests of the American people.

Trump currently leads in polling , despite the election interference of politically motivated indictments. And yes these indictments have nothing to do with the law and everything to do with politics.

If the Republican National Committee were serious about winning, they would back the people’s choice. They’re not

And guess what? GOP, you won’t fool us again.