The Fall of Minneapolis

Thought you knew everything about the death of George Floyd while in custody by officers of the Minneapolis Police Department?

“The Fall of Minneapolis” is a fascinating new documentary reexamining the entire situation from the initial arrest of George Floyd , to the aftermath of a city forever altered by riots and severe damage to a police department thrown to the wolves by state and city leaders.

Courtesy: Fox News

“The Fall of Minneapolis”, reveals shocking information to viewers regarding evidence rejected by the presiding judge of the Derek Chauvin trial.

What was not shown to jurors? Anything that would have cast doubt on the narrative of racist police killing an innocent black man such as:

  • Key police bodycam footage from different angles during the arrest of restraint of Floyd
  • The Minneapolis Police Department training manual detailing the use of Maximal Restraint Technique (MRT) as a means of restraining a non-compliant suspect.
  • The fact the original arresting officer of Floyd was black.

The documentary also recounts the demoralizing surrender of Precinct 3 to rioters / arsonists by city officials. Heartbroken officers detail how that event led to many of them giving up their careers in law enforcement. They also say the quiet part out loud : many people are losing faith in the ability of the law to protect the people.

Want to know how the George Floyd protests and riots were used to help elect Joe Biden? Read this deep-dive recap by Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse.

What do you think about the documentary? Please leave your take in the comments section.

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View things as they are

View things as they are with raw honesty. Ignore the temptation to rationalize what you see plainly in front you.

Do not look away from the truth, but accept it in all its reality and ugliness. For how can America progress if the truth is ignored?

Stop telling yourself our current federal government always has the best interests of the American people at its forefront.  That’s simply not the case right now. 

Rising anti-semitism on U.S. college campuses and large metropolitan cites in the wake of the Hamas Attack have shocked even some Democrats. Yet, President Biden, in his recent address to the nation said Islamaphobia is just as rampant.

Really ?

Congressional investigations and published reports are revealing a president who has likely had past business dealings with countries like China and Ukraine, through other Biden family members.

President Joe Biden appears to be a compromised figurehead. Is he a puppet of nefarious masters behind the scenes, as many have speculated? Who might be pulling his strings?  Former President Barack Obama? The CCP? The World Economic Forum? Perhaps a combination of all?

 No matter. Americans are losing faith in the Biden Administration. Just look at his poll numbers . People are believing the policies of this administration have hurt , rather than help the American people.

If you doubt me, just look at the evidence.

What else could explain the stoppage of drilling and petroleum exploration which has resulted in astronomically high fuel and food prices ?

 Is the Biden Administration helping the American people by allowing an invasion at the southern border, —yes, an invasion—of nearly 10 million illegals? These aren’t just families looking for a better life, but also drug smugglers, human traffickers, gang members and other assorted criminals. 

 And why are young men of military age from the Middle East, China, and Africa crossing America’s southern border? 

Courtesy: Newsweek

 Keep in mind, U.S. officials don’t have the manpower or resources to vet every one of these aliens due to the sheer volume of people. Yet, the government has placed these unvetted trespassers in various states, cities, and towns. 

Think about that for a moment. There’s a high likelihood that agents of enemy countries entered the United States through the southern border and are operating in America as sleeper cells.  This, under the “reign” of the Biden Administration.

Courtesy: CBN News

The average American can no longer pretend not to know things and must face hard truths . We no longer have the luxury of apathy.

More Americans need to start asking questions like, “Are we living in a thriving constitutional republic when government demonizes contrary opinion as disinformation or conspiracy theory?”

Truly we are in the age of gaslighting when no behavior is aberrant except conservatism or patriotism.  It’s as if the emperor is wearing no clothes.  The only difference is when child of the iconic story pointed out the reality of the emperor’s nakedness, the subjects were snapped out of the ruse. However, if the story were written now, the child would face punishment from cancel culture, imprisonment, or lawfare.

This is America in 2023. When viewed with raw honesty and without rationalization, there is only one conclusion: we need God more than ever. 

The collective sin of this nation has brought us to this point. Worshipping hedonism, instead of God, has brought societal moral corruption in America, and it is no surprise that our leaders reflect this. 

I believe America is under God’s judgment and He is using everything to get our attention regarding how desperately we need Jesus.  America is living proof of the gradual degeneration of a country that turns from God. 

Only when we view things as they are can we understand the country’s descent . Yes, we must ask God to have mercy and save America, but we must also ask Him what He is calling us to do for our part in this effort.


Reading between the lines

“This time we got him!” The corporate media implied last week after the (latest) indictment of former President Donald Trump. Now days later it’s, “Oh my God, oh my God, Trump might actually win this thing!”

How do I know this?I have been reading between the lines of any commentary, editorial or story, post August 3 indictment.

Case in point, a recent editorial by the Miami Herald editorial board that has warns of the existentialist dangers of re-electing Trump. I encourage you to read the editorial in its entirety, but for the sake of brevity, I am going to focus a few especially choice excerpts.

For this column I will present the excerpt as written, followed by my satirical take of what the editorial board really means. In other words, reading between the lines.

First, the lede:

In 2016, voters went for Donald Trump, the showman, the bigot, the iconoclast, the sexist, the mean-spirited charmer quick with jab, joke or derisive nickname.

Now, given the mile-wide lead that the former president has in the race for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, a majority of Republican voters seem ready to embrace Trump, the authoritarian.


You voters ignored our polls that showed Donald Trump had no chance of defeating Hilary Clinton . We get it: You were swayed by Trump’s celebrity, which caused you to mindlessly embrace Trump’s racist assessment of who was entering the country illegally through the US/Mexico border.

Courtesy: C-SPAN

And how dare you not condemn Trump for insulting Senator John McCain’s valor as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. If that wasn’t bad enough, you ignored our breaking news of the Access Hollywood recording of Trump which should have buried him. You also turned a deaf ear to Trump’s disparaging comments against Rosie O’Donnell . (Who cares if she insulted him first? His response was like a bully.)

Finally you laughed at all of nicknames for opponents such as “Crooked Hillary,” “Lyin’ Ted “, “Little Marco” and “Crazy Nancy.”

Now Trump’s back with huge leads in the polls (after revelations that his campaign was spied upon, “Russiagate” was a perpetrated by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and he urged J6 protestors to leave peacefully). Reelecting this guy will lead to a power transfer back to the …people. That would be devastating for this country.

Trump and his campaign have been crystal clear: Should he regain the White House, he will consolidate every last bit of power he can into his own hands. The three equal branches of government will not be equal any more. The former president plans a sweeping makeover of the presidency and the constitutional foundations that actually make America great.

“What we’re trying to do is identify the pockets of independence (emphasis mine),” Russell T. Vought, one of Trump’s policy advisers told that New York Times, “and seize them.”


Our side has been working to gather all the power into our hands, we naturally expect Trump will do the same.

And can you believe the gall of demanding a transparent Department of Justice and attorney general? Those pockets of independence should be outside the purview of the Executive Branch. (skip to 2:20 listen to 4:06)

Trump promises to wrest control from the Justice Department and order a criminal investigation into his predecessor, Joe Biden, an abuse of power that would top the Nixon White House and Watergate. Trump also says he will order the now-independent Justice Department to investigate charging decisions by local prosecutors, superseding constitutional separation of federal and local authorities.

You mean that same Department of Justice that “President” Biden has weaponized against his opponent President Trump and tried to give Hunter Biden a slap on the wrist?


Trump will curb the current weaponization of the DOJ against the enemies of the Uniparty and instead have it go after criminals. (Wait…what?)

But Trump is promising something else: He will continue to reject our constitutional order and replace it with one-man rule, where he is the authority over laws and how they apply.


Trump will… reject “our constitutional order” means he will govern not according to our modern interpretation of subverting the Constitution, but as the Founders intended. “One-man rule” is our way of saying dictator ( as we use racist, sexist or homophobe) to frighten people so they don’t hear the message of our enemies. The truth is we’re not giving up our authority over laws and how they apply.

He’ll undermine Americans’ ability to govern themselves. And he’ll create more chaos, because it serves him. We saw that, unforgettably, on Jan. 6, 2021, when he worked up supporters at his rally until they stormed the U.S. Capitol to block Biden’s victory from being certified.


We’re in the process of undermining Americans’ ability to govern themselves. What do think the Covid mask and vaccine mandates were about? The same goes for our efforts to criminalize parents efforts to intervene when their kid wants to become the opposite sex? (Excuse us… gender designation at birth, not sex) The last thing we need is Trump screwing that up with the Founders’ belief about self -governance.

When Trump called for people to protest the election results on January 6, the numbers scared the hell out of us. Sure , the protestors didn’t burn down structures , vandalize police cars and beat up innocent people. That’s the difference between peaceful protest of BLM and Antifa and the chaos of Trump white supremacists.

Just because we called Trump’s 2016 election illegitimate, due to Russian interference, doesn’t give his racist , hayseed followers the right to do the same . So his commanding lead on November 3, 2020 evaporated over night after key states stopped the vote count. The nerve!

And now for my favorite paragraph, the conclusion;

Americans already have endured an unsuccessful coup. To prevent one that succeeds, more of us must pay attention, learn from history and act like the true Americans we can be.


So far, most Americans reject Trump’s claim of a stolen election (although that number is shrinking). To make sure he doesn’t succeed, more of you must watch and gather information only from our news, learn from our version of history and act like the real Americans we want you to be (compliant, passive and unquestioning).


And so ends our first exercise in reading between the lines. I tried to take a humorous approach. Humor works when it’s based on truth.