Tucker Carlson :What is path for U.S. after Israel terrorist attack?

What impresses me the most about Tucker Carlson are the insightful questions he asks that many of us aren’t thinking about. In this commentary, he puts the brakes on the emotional reaction most of us have had in the aftermath of the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel. Carlson also shines the light on the warmongers banging the war drums and interviews a Presidential candidate who has a more measured take on what the American response should be.

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I hate to say it , but whatever any RINO warmonger is for , I’m going to be against. Tucker’s report helped me to remember that. What say you?

Presidential candidate,Nikki Haley

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Tucker’s interview points out that money and or a special interest group is the driver that develops our leaders’ views and talking points. It leaves people like me to wonder who do you trust or can trust. When leaders are more concerned with financial gain and power, when money can sway them to believe in a narrative that is not in the best interest of our country, when they can face the American people and spin their tale “this is what America should do” and not even feel any guilt for spewing self interest over America’s best interest…we are in trouble! The American political system is broken. Money, power and no term limits breeds politicians who will say or do anything to remain on the national political stage. We need to push for term limits; political experience is overrated because what we get is out of touch politicians who will say and do anything to stay in the game. We need to put these politicians out of their misery and put America first.

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