Warfare prayers needed for President Trump

President Donald Trump is out in front, taking slings and arrows on the people’s behalf. What Trump has faced would cause most politicians to slink away in defeat.

Trump is showing that he is the people’s President and this frightens the uniparty and the deep state.

They have thrown everything at this man and everything has failed. Now all they got is revisiting the hush money probe that failed before. Legal experts say Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case doesn’t hold up to legal scrutiny.

Please pray for him as he prepares to enter the Manhattan courthouse Tuesday .This, the culmination of the George Soros funded DA’s witch-hunt.

That isn’t stopping the deep state and the press from salivating about the prospect of getting video of authorities booking Trump.

Trump will likely be fingerprinted, have a mug shot taken , among other formalities before he’s formally arraigned and appears in court to plead not guilty.

We are living through dark times in America right now. We are surrounded by and being governed by pawns doing the work of evil forces hidden from public scrutiny.

Like you , I have had feelings of revulsion pondering the level of satanic evil looming over this country. We are witnessing the physical manifestations of spiritual warfare.

Evil is ugly and disturbing when you witness godless people carry it out without fear of consequences. Our enemies are emboldened because every institution in our country is corrupted.

For example, the indictment of President Trump is a glaring example of how the deep state has weaponized the legal system against their political enemies.

That all this happening during Holy Week is uncanny. I’m sure it’s part of God’s timing that this sham of an indictment is reminiscent of the sham trials Jesus experienced before His crucifixion.

Jesus knew He was going to the cross to save man. He knew he would die , be resurrected and sit at the right hand of God , ready to return during our Heavenly Father’s timing.

Let us pray that no harm comes to President Trump while in custody and that he and the MAGA movement emerges stronger:

Heavenly Father,

May your angels surround President Trump and his group with your protection . Lord May the plans of our enemies meet with failure. Please bless President Trump with godly wisdom and discernment. Please fill his heart and the hearts of his family with your perfect peace that defies human understanding.

May President Trump keep our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ first and foremost in his heart and mind from this day forward.

Lord we pray that no plan will succeed against this man and his family and his administration.

Lord we pray that you would be glorified in this situation and that from this period of darkness would come the light of revival throughout this nation.

We ask in Jesus’ name…Amen