A bad week for Covid shots

Quite a bad week for Covid shots. The highlight? NY Jets QB Aaron Rogers’ shot (pun intended) at KC TE Travis Kelce during a recent interview on the Pat McAffee Show. Watch:

Rogers, out for the season with an ankle injury, referred to the below ad by Kelce. In the ad, Kelce encourages people to combine their Covid and Flu shots as a convenient time-saving measure. Watch:

For the sports challenged, that Kelce dude is the guy dating music superstar Taylor Swift.

Courtesy: NY Post


Amid the Rogers’ interview, breaking news that combining the Covid and Flu shots can lead to increased stroke risk to the elderly. From Yahoo News:

“Vaccines for Covid-19 and influenza may slightly increase the risk of strokes caused by blood clots in the brains of seniors, particularly when the two vaccines are given at the same time and when they are given to adults who are age 85 and older, according to a new study.

The safety signal was detected by experts at the US Food and Drug Administration who analyzed data from Medicare claims.

It is the second study to find an elevated risk of stroke for seniors after Covid-19 and flu vaccinations given together. The US Centers for Disease Control and FDA issued a public communication in January explaining that one of their near real-time vaccine safety monitoring studies—called the Vaccine Safety Datalink–had picked up a small and uncertain risk of stroke for older adults who received a dose of Pfizer’s bivalent Covid-19 vaccine and a high-dose or adjuvanted flu shot on the same day. That study triggered the FDA’s broader look at strokes after vaccination noted in the medical records of seniors on Medicare.”

But no need to worry according to the Yahoo article:

“That said, the risk identified in the FDA’s study appears to be very small—roughly 3 strokes or transient ischemic attacks for every 100,000 doses given–and the study found it may be primarily driven by the high-dose or adjuvanted flu vaccines, which are specially designed to rev up the immune system so it mounts a stronger response to the shot.”

Darn those pesky high dose flu vaccines! I encourage you to read the entire article here, but exercise discernment. Yahoo is not exactly known for cutting -edge investigative reporting.

But the piéce de rèsistance for Covid vaccines was Canadian health officials announcing Simian Virus contamination in the Pfizer Covid vaccines.

“The DNA contamination includes the Simian Virus 40 (SV40) promoter and enhancer Pfizer did not previously disclose and that some experts say is a cancer risk due to potential integration with the human genome.

Health Canada, the country’s public health authority, told The Epoch Times that while Pfizer provided the full DNA sequences of the plasmid in its vaccine at the time of the initial submission, the vaccine maker “did not specifically identify the SV40 sequence.”

I encourage you to read the report in its entirety here.

These revelations could likely open the door to future lawsuits according to Dr. Byram Bridle. He writes in his substack ,which is must reading:

“… Pfizer has been granted legal indemnity for their shots; something which in and of itself should be a major concern. However, an important court ruling was recently made in Michigan, USA. Specifically, the court ruled that a pharmaceutical company’s legal indemnity was null and void for a contaminated version of the medical product. The product, but not any contaminants are subject to the legal indemnity. And failing to disclose a bioactive component would seem to go one step further. You can read an article about the legal issue here.

So, it would follow that Pfizer’s legal indemnity should be null and void for shots that contaminated with bacterial DNA that included a bioactive sequence that was not disclosed to regulatory agencies.”

Media reaction to these explosive findings has been a fizzle. But no matter. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports only three percent of Americans have gotten the new Covid shots.

It appears , despite the media’s efforts to the contrary, the public is issuing a a collective “Hell no!” to additional boosters. Yes, quite a bad week for Covid shots.


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Dying suddenly should not be a cliche

by Dex

A Las Vegas high school student is the latest young person to collapse and suddenly die from an apparent heart attack.

Jordan Brister was found unresponsive in bathroom at Amplus Academy, a public charter school on last week. The student’s father , Conrad Brister, said Jordan collapsed in the bathroom on January 3rd and may have been there for over 20 minutes before he was discovered.

Jordan is the second Las Vegas high school student to collapse and die suddenly from a cardiac event. Last week 16 year old Ashari Hughes collapsed and died while playing flag football . The Clark County Coroners office said the Desert Oasis High student suffered a cardiac death due to a “rare congenital anomaly.”

Two high school students dying from heart attacks in one week? Coincidence?

Now consider earlier this week, an Air Force Academy Offensive Lineman died suddenly while walking to class. Hunter Brown 21, a standout player for the Falcons collapsed shortly after leaving his dorm for class. CPR efforts were unsuccessful.

These are just three of many young athletes who have died suddenly over the past two years. It seems literally every week there is a new story about another young athlete dying suddenly, in many cases, while involved in some athletic endeavor.

What has been the reaction? Crickets. I watch news reporters giving the stories and all that is reported is the official narrative . Not one time have I heard these talking heads even question out loud this relatively new phenomena of young, fit people dying suddenly. All we hear is these well coiffed reporters using the phrase “dying suddenly” like a cliche in vein of “shocked neighbors” or being “rushed to a local hospital.

Let me just state the obvious. Young people don’t just die of heart attacks! Sure, there used to be the rare case, but when there is rash of such anomalies what’s forming is a pattern that needs to be gotten to the bottom of.

One publication reports that in the past two years there have been nearly 800 athletes collapsing on the field of competition, many of whom were European soccer players.

Hmm… what has coincided with these sudden deaths? Oh yes, the rollout of the vaccines.

In not one of these cases have I read about an autopsy confirming the specific cause of death to these athletes. I am not talking the official cause as reported to journalists, but specific details of these deaths , such as blood clots, aneurysms , etc. Several doctors have gone record putting their licenses and reputations on the line stating that the vaccines cause myocarditis in young people.

Now I am not saying definitively that the vaccines have led to these deaths, but in lieu of any other peer -reviewed studies , how can one not dismiss the shots? And for the record , so called fact-checkers dismissing contrary claims are no substitute for official research.

What has really stood out is reporters pretending not to know things. These rash of deaths would have been low-hanging fruit to the investigative reporters of thirty or forty years ago. Exposing large corporations , like big Pharma, used to be a feather in the cap of hungry up and coming reporters. There used to be no better way to break into the big time than investigating a corporation and putting its mouthpiece on camera to be placed in a bad light.

Whatever is the cause of these heart attacks in these young people will be brought to the light because truth has a funny way of making itself known. Just like the debunking of the Trump/Russian Collusion and the Covid-19 virus coming from a Chinese wet market, all of us have a good chance of witnessing conspiracy theory turning into conspiracy fact.