Suppose Hollywood strikes and nobody cares

Suppose Hollywood strikes and nobody cares .

Is Hollywood collapsing? This is a valid question, considering the public response to the fable- scribes and adult pretenders work stoppage has been a collective yawn.

After all , have you heard any complaints that late night talk shows having gone dark? I haven’t . What about the complaints regarding delays with movies and steaming content on platforms like Disney Plus, otherwise known as D+? Nope, not a word.

This does not bode well for woke Hollywood. The people are sick of woke politics and the attempts to ram them down our throat in every media and every platform.

You hear that silence Hollywood? That’s the public no longer paying attention to overpaid, spoiled, entitled narcissists who believe their opinions carry weight because they play pretend on the big and small screen .

The magic is gone, and your luster has dulled. Everyday, less gullible people hang by your every word or shallow observations. What a relief not to hear virtue-seeking, Trump-hating observations by the know-nothings passing themselves as cutting edge late-night hosts.

Since May 2 the the writers have marched. The members of the “Film Actors Guild” ” began marching in solidarity on July 14. So for nearly 140 days and nearly 70 days , respectively, there’s no end in sight.

Actors and writers are reporting financial difficulty as the strike continues . What is the end game? Most of America could care less.

The problem is you’ve alienated most of your paying audience. You had adult pretenders condemning Americans as selfish for resisting masking and mandatory vaccinations during the lockdowns. “Film Actors Guild” members were all in during the “summer of love” echoing the propaganda of peaceful protest . Finally, you condemn MAGA as racist.

Not every actor or writer walks in lockstep with leftist Hollywood. However those conservative scribes and thespians must tread cautiously for fear of blacklist by their tolerant peers. Those are the people I feel sorry for.

You can also add those who toil behind the scenes, such as the drivers, caterers, set designers, wardrobe, lighting specialists, and editors. I even empathize with those on the periphery who depend on the denizens of modern Babylon, such as restauranteurs , bartenders food servers and limo drivers.

As for the entertainment industry, public sympathy is waning at best. Actions have consequences. Insult your audience long enough and eventually they will reject you .

Will the actors, producers, and directors learn their lesson during this collective strike? We’ll see.

One thing’s for sure: once you piss off an audience, it’s hard to get them back. Good riddance, says most of America. As Hollywood strikes, it is finding that most hard-working people could care less.


The sound of gnashing

For a movie that is packing audiences in for each showing , the sound of gnashing teeth from mainstream movie critics is voluminous

Sound of Freedom packs a gut punch regarding the evil of child trafficking.

Not exactly the mindless popcorn faire of your average summer blockbuster , but in a year of flops from the major studios, this independent studio movie is a bona-fide hit. The film is gripping, sad and sometimes,horrifying, but delivers a powerful message of hope.

Yet mainstream critics are, in unison, dissing the film as right-wing conspiracy fodder. Take a look of some of the headlines I found.

” Christian thriller ‘Sound of Freedom’ faces criticism for stoking conspiracy theories” said one NPR headline. The Guardian’s breathless headline? “Sound of Freedom: the QAnon-adjacent thriller seducing America.” But my favorite is this doozy from Rolling Stone (drum roll): “‘Sound Of Freedom’ Is a Superhero Movie for Dads With Brainworms.”

Nearly every column I researched featured the right wing buzzwords “QAnon”and “conspiracy ” in attempts to denigrate the film and discourage people from seeing it. Spotting the same terms in different mainstream criticisms is either a remarkable coincidence or the sign of an organized campaign.

The good news is it’s not working. I saw the Sound of Freedom during a Sunday Matinee and the theater was packed. I managed to snag one of the last two remaining seats.

People are seeing this movie because it’s a powerful film that shines a light on very real and contemporary evil. Director Alejandro Monteverde masterfully handled the disturbing scenes of abuse without graphic depiction , but allowing your mind to fill in the rest of what’s implied.

From Left to Right: Jim Caviezel, Javier Godino, and Bill Camp

Skillfully woven in the subject is the inspiring heroism of former federal agent, Tim Ballard whose Christian faith leads him to do more than he ever thought possible. This is summed up in two powerful lines uttered in the film, “God’s children are not for sale,” and ” When God tells you what to do, you cannot hesitate.”

When remembering these quotes, it no wonder critics are antagonistic. Mentioning God in a glorifying manner, in a popular movie, almost always causes the sound of gnashing from the left.

How these critics could attempt to deter people from experiencing this film, speaks volumes about the fake and compromised media and Hollywood. I believe this vitriol stems from one of four reasons. 1)These critics are either so blinded by their politics that anything Christian or conservative is automatically viewed as sinister; 2)They’re following orders from higher ups (in either Hollywood or government) to bash the movie; 3) They have no problem with the subject because it hits too close to home or the industry; 4) It’s a combination of the previous three explanations.

Where are the stars doing their tick-tock or Twitter videos supporting this film and bringing awareness like they did with “Times-up/Me Too” or Covid?

Oh, that’s right, there’s a writers’ and actors’ strike. It’s likely even if those events weren’t happening we would still hear crickets, or perhaps more sounds of gnashing.

An interesting fact is this movie was actually completed five years ago. God’s timing is amazing when one considers the movie’s release amid the revelations of government corruption. As written in my last piece, I believe God is revealing the level of evil we face so that we can see that only He can fight this battle. He does so, partly through us, when we are obedient in faith.

In the post credits , actor Jim Caviezel remarks of the filmmakers’ hope that this movie would have the power of Uncle Tom’s Cabin which sparked the beginning of the end of slavery. May this film have an equal impact, marking the beginning of the end of human trafficking.

In another era, such an underdog of a movie would be the stuff of Hollywood legend. Just shows how much times have changed.